Why hardwood floors?

Arbor Zen Floor Talk: Why Hardwood Floors?

Other flooring options such as carpet, tile, laminate,?marble, brick and concrete require much more energy to produce,?install, and dispose of at the end of the life cycle than does?hardwood. Wood requires a small amount of energy to become lumber or?flooring. Advanced technology and responsible manufacturing?processes also assure the least amount of waste and that all wood?processing by-products have a use. For example,tree bark becomes?mulch. Sawdust is sold for animal bedding. Trimmings are chipped?and processed into paper.

Hardwood flooring is the?healthy?choice...
Unlike carpets, wood flooring does not harbor?microorganisms, allergens, or pesticides generated inside or brought?in from outside the home. Hardwoods make for a healthier, safer?living environment.

Hardwood flooring is low?maintenance?.
Initially hardwood flooring costs more than carpet but?they require less maintenance and are more stain resistant. One?benefit of hardwood floors is that they can be repaired and?refinished. Hardwood floors can last a lifetime, while carpets must?be replaced.

Hardwood flooring is?unsurpassed in beauty and value?
Probably the reason most choose hardwood flooring is for?its unique beauty. It never goes out of style. Hardwood floors?increase the value of a house.

If you are interested in pursuing hardwood floors for?your home or business, come by our showroom in Black Mountain, NC,??or give us a call. We can provide you with a wealth of experience?and expertise concerning hardwood floors and a beautiful variety of?floors to choose from.