Choosing the Right Wood Species for Your Hardwood Floors

When it comes to hardwood flooring in Asheville, NC, selecting the right wood species is crucial. Your choice not only impacts the aesthetics of your space but also the durability and maintenance of your floors. In this guide, we'll help you navigate the forest of options and choose the perfect wood species for your Asheville home.

1. Oak: Classic and Durable
  • Oak is a popular choice known for its timeless beauty and durability.
  • With its rich, warm hues, oak complements various interior styles.
  • It can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it an excellent choice for busy households.
2. Maple: Sleek and Contemporary
  • Maple offers a sleek and contemporary look with its light color and fine grain.
  • It's a perfect match for modern and minimalist interior designs.
  • While not as hard as oak, it's still a durable option for most homes.
3. Cherry: Elegance and Sophistication
  • Cherry wood brings elegance and sophistication with its deep, reddish-brown tones.
  • It darkens with age, adding character and charm to your space.
  • Cherry is perfect for formal living rooms and dining areas.
4. Hickory: Rustic and Resilient
  • If you love the rustic charm, hickory is an ideal choice.
  • It features striking variations in color and grain pattern.
  • Hickory is exceptionally durable and can withstand wear and tear.
5. Walnut: Luxurious and Unique
  • Walnut boasts a luxurious, dark, and rich appearance.
  • Its unique grain pattern adds character to any room.
  • While not the hardest option, it's perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your home.
6. Exotic Woods: Unique and Unforgettable
  • For a truly unique look, consider exotic wood species like Brazilian cherry or tigerwood.
  • These woods offer distinct colors and grain patterns that stand out.
  • Keep in mind that exotic woods may require special maintenance.

When choosing the right wood species for your Asheville, NC hardwood flooring, consider the following factors:
1. Room Usage:?Consider the room's function and traffic. Opt for harder woods like oak for high-traffic areas.
2. Aesthetics:?Match the wood species to your interior design style and color scheme.
3. Maintenance:?Some woods require more maintenance than others, so choose one that fits your lifestyle.
4. Budget:?Keep your budget in mind, as exotic woods can be more expensive.

Ultimately, the right wood species for your hardwood floors should reflect your personal style, the needs of your space, and your budget.Choosing the perfect wood species for your Asheville, NC hardwood flooring is essential for creating a beautiful, long-lasting foundation for your home.?

Let us help you with your choice, by considering factors like room usage, aesthetics, maintenance, and budget.?Contact us today?to talk to one of our highly trained professionals!?
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