Hardwood flooring from Arbor Zen Hardwood Floors in Black Mountain, NC

Dustless sanding benefits both health and home

Dustless sanding is a process that eliminates at least 99% of the dust and mess caused by sanding.

We hear it all the time.? People want to refinish their hardwood floors but are hesitant.

Once we tell them about our sanding service, they change their minds completely, especially when the job is completed and they see results for themselves.

Why it?s important to take care of wood floors

Hardwood floors
are beautiful and add warmth and charm to any home.? In fact, at our company, just one hardwood floor gives rise to even more beauty; find out what we mean by asking about our #25 tree promise.

One of the great benefits of a wood floor is that it can last for years and years and often look even better with age. Everyday maintenance is simple, but every ten years or so they might start to look dull or worn.? You might even see an excessive amount of scratches, but as long as there are no structural damages, a refinishing is usually all it takes to bring them back to their original luster.

Almost all refinishing will require hardwood sanding, and that's where people become hesitant: They envision wiping off lamps, washing curtains, or scrubbing the insides of cabinets.

There are a lot of benefits of sanding, the most obvious of which is the added beauty.

A sanded floor also provides additional safety because there's less chance of a cracked or splintered floor.? It's also more even, because everything, from joints and nails, is tightened. That also increases strength. Sanding also closes any crevice or hole where termites or other insects can hide and cause damage.

Get the dust out before it reaches the air indoors

That improves indoor air quality. That's good for everyone's health, and especially for those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

The dustless sander has a container where the debris goes and then gets trashed in a proper receptacle, rather than flying around the air, clogging circulation and making your home stuffy.?

To learn more about the benefit of dustless sanding as well as our other services and products, visit the Arbor Zen Hardwood Floors showroom in Black Mountain, NC, serving ?Black Mountain, Asheville, Swannanoa, Hendersonville, and Waynesville.