Engineered Hardwood

Can engineered hardwood be waterproof?

If you?ve ever considered engineered wood floors, you?re sure to have lots of questions about their characteristics and benefits, including whether the material is waterproof. We will look at that question in today's post, so read along for the answer.

Waterproof engineered wood or not?

If you already have engineered wood flooring in place, there?s no way to turn it into waterproof flooring. There may be a bit of water resistance already in place naturally, but if the core becomes saturated, you will notice swelling, cupping, warping, and more.

Some engineered flooring brands offer water resistance, making them a much better option in areas where dampness, humidity, and spills could happen. If this is something you are searching for, we can help you find the perfect choices.

Some of these materials feature a natural wood veneer attached to a backing made of composite materials or polymers. You can add water resistance that can be painted or rolled on top of your flooring for an excellent performance from the top down.

Whether you?re interested in purchasing brand new water-resistant engineered wood or looking to waterproof a floor covering that?s already in place, be sure to visit us when you?re in the area. We can give you specific information concerning your requirements.

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