Beautifully maintained hardwood flooring in a Black Mountain, NC home

Flooring maintenance 101: Keep them looking beautiful always

New flooring is a big investment, and you want to keep it looking vibrant, clean and scratch-free. Understanding a few simple rules will make the care a lot easier than you thought.

Clean floors affect the whole house, making it feel bright and polished.

It?s not just about appearance, though. It's also about health; a clean floor will keep allergies, asthma, and germs in check. While many people don't automatically associate the floor with indoor air quality, improving it is just what a clean floor does.

At Arbor Zen Hardwood Floors, we have a fully-stocked inventory of hard surface flooring including wood, luxury vinyl, waterproof flooring, cork, and bamboo. We're not just concerned with the initial installation, but also the maintenance.

We?re Bona-certified craftsmen which means we get rigorous training in earth-friendly products and applications that are good for all types of hard surfaces. We continued education with the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA).

In 2018 company founder Grayson Deal was recognized by the NWFA as one of ?40 Under 40? industry professionals who are shaping the future of the wood flooring business.

Here are some tips you can use at home for cleaning the floor.

All cleaners are not ?one size fits all?

That is probably the biggest mistake people make when caring for hardwood and other surfaces. Walk down the supermarket aisle and see label after label stating ?good for all flooring types,? but it depends upon the finish.

If you use the wrong type, you'll only end up with more scratches and scuffs, dull and damaged; you might even end up needing sanding and refinishing.

Other tips for cleaning

?Whether it?s hardwood or another flooring, if you don?t wipe immediately, you?ll allow stains to set and eliminate bugs to accumulate. Keep in mind also that wood is porous and will be damaged by excess water.
?Get the floor vacuum or mop-ready: Floor cleaning means cleaning the entire room. Start at the top, i.e., windows and work down. When the room is ready, so is the floor.
?Clean your vacuum once a month, changing filters and emptying bags. This keeps it in good working condition.

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