maintaining your hardwood floors

maintaining your hardwood floors

Taking care of your floors can be an easy process if done correctly and

regularly! Here are some floor-care tips of the trade.

- Keeping floors clean is an obvious necessity, proper sweeping and cleaning using?products that protect and revive your floors is an easy step.

- Commit to a regular maintenance routine, Deal with spills and other unexpected?messes immediately, dry dust your floors daily, and wet clean your floors weekly.

- When it comes to cleaning floors fast, there are only two basic steps: dry dusting?and wet cleaning. Dusting helps to remove large particles of dirt and debris that?could scratch and potentially harm your floors, and wet cleaning removes the smaller?bits and leaves your floors clean. People often expand these two steps into three or?more depending on the tools they have, but essentially, these two steps will do the?trick.

- A divide and conquer approach is best when cleaning floors. This helps make?cleaning more efficient and more effective since you?re not pushing around all the dirt?and debris you?re cleaning up. When it?s time for wet cleaning, a string mop and?bucket aren?t needed. Use a cleaning pad that will Velcro on the bottom of your mop?and has cleaner already infused in the pad so there is just enough liquid dispersed?on the floor. Too much liquid on floors can damage them.

- Avoid using regular house cleaners, pine sol, Clorox, Murphys soap, etc. These?products are not designed to protect your floor and can put them in danger of?loosing their beautiful look and feel.

- Strategically place rugs and mats throughout your house for optimum protection.?Especially in entrances or areas that will be exposed to water or excess moisture.?Consider having backup mats to ensure that they are always clean and dry to best?absorb water.

- Make it known! Don?t be afraid to let your guests or (residents) know that they must?take their shoes off before entering your home. Especially if it is wet outside, or if you?have a gravel walkway/driveway.

- During the Summer there is an abundance of moisture in the air outside, which?means its also in abundance inside, for this have a dehumidifier handy to balance the?moisture in your home. If this goes unchecked the wood will swell, causing cupping?and expansion.

- And During the winter time we are constantly heating our homes, this process?removes moisture from the air, if this goes unbalanced our floors will retract and?create gaps in the flooring.. To prevent this having a powerful humidifier in place will?keep the balance of air moisture, to keep your floors happy, and your home?comfortable and healthy!

- The recommended amount of humidity is around 50% the a leeway of ten degrees?either direction.