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Arbor Zen Hardwood Floors in Asheville, NC
Over 35,000 Trees Planted Since 2016

Mt. Mitchell Collection

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Our eco-friendly promise starts with locally sourced raw materials and sustainable forest management.

We are proud to partner with our friends at Mt.Mitchell Hardwood Flooring for all of our solid unfinished flooring needs. Our flooring starts with sustainable forest management practices and professional timber harvesting. Nearly all of our flooring starts as a tree growing in one of 5 counties in Western North Carolina. The logs are then sawn into green lumber in a high production sawmill in Burnsville, North Carolina (With Mt Mitchell being in our “back yard”). The lumber is then dried in Marion, North Carolina and manufactured into tongue and groove hardwood flooring.

Solid Unfinished Hardwood

The Mt.Mitchell Collection offers a variety of locally sourced unfinished hardwoods. Each species of wood has a distinct character that can be seen in the color and grain variation.
Width: 1.5”, 2 ¼”, 3 ¼”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7” and 8” wide plank
Thickness: 3/4”
Lengths: Standard and Special order Long lengths
Standard Length: 1' - 7' w/3.5' avg.
Special Order Length: 3' - 10' w/5' avg.
Grade: Select, #1, #2, Character, and cabin grade
Milling: Tongue and groove
Wood Species: White Oak, Red Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Maple, Ashe, Pine, and Walnut
dwood flooring.
White Oak

A grayish, brown and straight-grained hardwood is beautiful with a natural finish or stain. Janka hardness rating is 1,360 lbf.
Red Oak

A reddish, brown color with straight, uneven textured grain this hardwood is beautiful with a natural finish or stain. Janka hardness rating is 1,290 lbf.

Lots of variation between light and dark throughout creates a distinct character in this hardwood. Hickory is best appreciated with a natural finish. Janka hardness rating is 1,820 lbf.

From pink to red in color, this hardwood has a fine, subtle grain. It is beautiful with a natural finish. Janka hardness rating is 995 lbf.
For every floor we sell, we promise to plant 25 trees in your honor.

A rich, warm brown colored hardwood with subtle grain. It beautiful with a natural finish. Janka hardness rating is 1,010 lbf.

Picture coming soon... Its color is pale pinkish-brown to almost white. Its fine grain is similar to cherry. Janka hardness rating is 700 lbf.

The sapwood is light-colored to nearly white and the heartwood varies from greyish or light brown, to pale yellow streaked with brown. The wood is generally straight-grained with a coarse uniform texture. Janka hardness rating is 1,320 lbf.

Janka hardness rating is 690 lbf.